Protagonist knows baby princess is eventually going to get murdered by her bastard of a father.

This is the last chapter and also before the cont. 1 Day (s) 4510 Readers 42 Reviews 08-13-2020.

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Who Made Me a Princess Vol.

Athanasia died for a false charge of poisoning King’s beloved daughter, Athanasia’s half-sister, Janette. CN (4. Summary.


Beware of the Brothers! (Novel) Cover Illustrations. Many People said about this dimension part are boring, but actually there are many Lucas and Athy moments in this sid. I am five.

It's just a silly bedtime story. ImmortalThe name Athanasia means Immortal and is of German origin.


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save. After a while, she greeted me back with a smile as if she had never done it before.

Unlike the title suggests, Who Made Me a Princess novel isn’t about any princess of a kingdom.
Paperback – September 12, 2023.


When I opened my eyes, I was a princess! But why does it have to be a princess in this romance novel who has the fate of death from.

Heroine On Strike (Novel) Cover Illustrations. Hello, I'm back! this is not fanfiction, this is a side story translation of the novel Suddenly I. scary king.

First published Mar 18, 2020. . ”. . Suddenly I Became A Princess (Lovely Princess World) 343K 9. Plutus, Spoon.

“Cute princess, would you like some chocolate?” “Yeah! I wike chocowet.

Ginger and the Cursed Prince (Novel) Cover Illustrations. Athanasia is a poor princess who destined to die on her 18th birthday by her own father hand, Claude.

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All About The “Who Made Me A Princess” Novel Summary.

After accidentally encountering her terrifying father Emperor Claude ahead of schedule, Athanasia has to rethink her entire life plan! Any hope of.

In Who Made Me a Princess, the heroine was originally an orphan girl in modern-day and has never experienced parental love.